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Timberwolves Café
Meal Pay Plus

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9 months ago


  • Students must use their own student ID number. They are never permitted to borrow or use another student's number. Using another student's ID number will result in disciplinary action.
  • If your child has a food allergy of any kind, a note from the doctor should be submitted to the cafeteria so that his/her account can be flagged, and proper precautions can be made.
  • Only school served lunches or lunches brought from home are permitted during lunch hours. No commercial foods, please.


Parents may pay for their child's meals by cash or check at school or may pay directly online through Mealpay Plus. Some of the advantages of MealPay Plus are:

  • Make online payments 24/7 - reduce the worry of lost lunch money
  • Download our free mobile app - available for iOS & Android devices
  • View cafeteria purchase history - to see what your student is eating
  • Sign-up for Auto Pay - so their account never runs out of money
  • Sign-up for Low Balance email notifications - so you're in the loop


If a student does not have money in his/her account, a lunch charge is issued. Students may not exceed two charges. Students who have lunch charges may lose the privilege of purchasing additional items such as ice cream until the charge has been cleared.