Hospital Homebound Program (HHB)

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We regret that your child is currently unable to attend classes on campus. However, our HHB program is an ideal program for students with approved physician documentation to attend school at home while they recover and/or get stronger.

The HHB process involves the parent, student, team teachers, counselor, administrator and school social worker. The first step in this process requires parents to complete the service request form, which can be emailed, faxed or picked up by the parent. Next, parents will take the physician forms to the child's licensed nurse/doctor to complete and return. Our final step requires the school to host an educational service plan meeting (ESP) to discuss the academic/medical plan of the student. This entire process should take no more than five days to complete depending on the documents provided.

A reentry plan meeting is necessary before the student returns to school. **Educational resources will be given to the student during our initial ESP meeting.