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Lee Middle School Fine Arts Programs

Our Lee Middle School Fine Arts Department is dedicated to introducing students to a wide variety of music and fine arts.

The Middle School Grades 6-8 Visual Arts Standards are designed so that they can be compacted to serve a brief course of instruction or they may be expanded for delivery to a semester or longer. While the Visual Arts can make a significant contribution to a child’s continuing cognitive and emotional growth, not all students take art at the middle school level. The art teacher may have students for one term or multiple terms. Middle school art teachers must adapt to a wide range of abilities in a single classroom. To meet the needs of a wide range of students, art should be taught by a certified visual arts specialist with training in curriculum and pedagogy.

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Choral Music courses provide opportunities for students to develop their musical potential and aesthetic understanding through singing in a choral ensemble. These courses seek to give students in grades 6 through 8 experiences the study and performance of a diverse repertoire of music., from our award winning band and chorus programs.

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